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<p class="pragraph"><font face="trebuchet ms" size="2"> Welcome to Florida Fine Cars' Finance Department, your Miami and Hollywood, Florida auto loan resource! We're eager to provide financing for your next vehicle purchase. All types of credit, from good to bad, can qualify for an auto loan. No credit, no problem! We will work with you to secure a no credit car loan if your situation demands it. The Florida Fine Cars' team wants to help make buying your vehicle as easy as possible. Our professional, friendly staff members will help you find the best rates and are always available to answer any questions you might have..<br> <br> Florida Fine Cars has strong relationships and is committed to finding you the perfect car loan company to suit your car finance needs. First, fill out our online finance application and your financing information is sent to us securely in an encrypted format. Then we'll get back to you in as little as a day's time to complete the process. </font></p> <span class="pragraph"><br><br><br></span>

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Format for price is a whole dollar amount with the decimal, so 35 thousand would get typed 35000.00
no commas are needed